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23-133.4 kConhistory/Basics
22-232354 kClock and Data Recovery/Structures and types of CDRs/Applications of the …
220404.6 kSociological Theory/Emile Durkheim
2203020 kWriting Adolescent Fiction/Character names/Girls
2205020 kStructural Biochemistry/Carbohydrates/Monosaccharides
2210145.3 kGeneral Chemistry/Shells and Orbitals
172.3 k2.2 k9.3 kWriting Adolescent Fiction/Character names/Korean
11-3.5 k3.4 k54 kRing/Lessons/Web Development (CGI Library)
12-1.6 k1.6 k19 kGLPK/Electricity markets
11-2.4 k2.4 k31 kChess/Basic Openings
11-2.4 k2.3 k12 kXForms/Calculator
13-61683214 kIntroducing Julia/Plotting
11-1.4 k1.3 k41 kFlora of New York/Amygdaloideae 1
11-1.3 k1.3 k12 kCg Programming/Unity/Multiple Lights
11-1.2 k1.2 k14 kFuturebasic/Language/fsref modern
11-1.9 k1.8 k45 kROSE Compiler Framework/autoPar
1722647611 kTurkish/Pronunciation and Alphabet/Consonant Classifications and Harmony
11-7517519.3 kXML - Managing Data Exchange/Exchanger XML Lite
11-749749124 kRefugee Phrasebook/Welcome to Serbia and Hungary
11-58658629 kIntroducing Julia/Strings and characters
184324325.5 kFractals/Mathematics/Vector field
12553553553Shelf:Sociology of gender
12-1571578.5 kCross-Platform Game Programming with gameplay3d/Getting Started
11-37837852 kData Structures/Trees
11-3503503.4 kXForms/Binds to many instances
12459459459Shelf:IB Diploma Programme
11-3443444 kXQuery/DBpedia with SPARQL - Stadium locations
11-17117157Julia for MATLAB Users/Core Language/Mathematics/polyval
11-3153158.3 kThe Science of Programming/Constant Worries
11-31331321 kLinear Algebra/Row Equivalence/Solutions
1112712717 kMonopoly/Official Rules
11-28128113 kThink Python/Classes and functions
11-2782786.5 kRuby Code Examples
11-2742747.6 kXQuery/Compare with XQuery
1715315317 kJumarkese
11-26926915 kA-level Computing 2009/AQA/Problem Solving, Programming, Data Representat…
11-257257101 kPROJ.4
11-25825812 kScheme Programming/Looping
14742769.4 kGeneral Engineering Introduction/Notebooks
11-25325311 kOrganic Chemistry/Carboxylic acid derivatives
11-24824813 kCelestia/Celx Scripting/Simple CELX Scripting
11-24824822 kBiblical Studies/Christianity/John 6
11-2432439.6 kSpeech-Language Pathology/Stuttering/Famous People Who Stutter/Singers an…
11-22022062 kManaging Groups and Teams/How Do You Manage Global Virtual Teams?
11-2162165.4 kXForms/Incremental Model Loading
11-2152153.8 kXForms/Moving Items Between Lists
11-21421430 kHaskell/Applicative functors
11-51451412 kThe Sway Reference Manual/Functions
121-1721722.4 kTrigonometry/Worked Example: Ferris Wheel Problem
1138838844 kSerial Programming/Serial Java
11-1871879.3 kVisual Basic/Regular Expressions
11-1631632.6 kGerman/Concept Advanced
11-1631631.9 kVisual Basic for Applications/Get the VBA Code String
11-16316313 kJava Persistence/ManyToMany
11-1591595.4 kHaskell/Syntactic sugar
1275752.6 kSuomen kieli ulkomaalaisille
14368370368Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Ruby Maher
11-1451458 kChess Strategy/Weak and strong squares
11-1451452.3 kRebol Programming/extract
11-14314327 kBiblical Studies/New Testament Commentaries/The Gospel of John/Chapter 17
11-1391394.7 kRAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Runtime Failover
1168368334 kRadiation Oncology/Endometrium/Early Stage
11-13613614 kTPACKing for a Wonderful Educational Trip/Group 9
11-13013027 kBasic Writing/Narrative and memoir
11-1161165.2 kMore C++ Idioms/Generic Container Idioms
11-11711731 kAdventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Model Railroad
11-11511511 kFoundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/Foundations Table of Co…
12171717 kNovial/Hound Lesson 1
11-1071071.9 kLinux Networking/IP Transparent Proxy
11-1051056.4 kLojban Made Easy/L1
11-1051052.9 kRuby Programming/Standard Library/Tracer
11-10310319 kSpace Transport and Engineering Methods/Combined Systems
11-10010024 kSocial and Cultural Foundations of American Education/Classroom Issues/Di…
11-989811 kHebrew Roots/The original foundation/Faith
11-989814 kSocial and Cultural Foundations of American Education/Acknowledgment/Life…
11-999947 kIntroduction to Sociology/Demography
11-9595899Linux Networking/Serial NULL Modem cable
11-86866.9 kTaxation in the United Kingdom/Council tax
11-84843.6 kCanadian Criminal Law/Offences/Perjury
11-848422 kMetabolomics/Hormones/Ghrelin
11-838324 kLPI Linux Certification/PAM Authentication
11-828240 kModels and Theories in Human-Computer Interaction/Introduction to Models …
11-7777697Algorithms/Find maximum/jscript 4
11-787817 kFundamentals of Transportation/Queueing and Traffic Flow
11-767611 kIntroduction to Mathematical Physics/Relativity/Space geometrization
11-757589 kUnited States Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/GROUP ESY – Essays
11-747421 kSocial Web/Networks
11-747431 kEthnomedicine/Home Remedies/D - F
11-74741.9 kSoftware Engineering with an Agile Development Framework/Iteration One/Ma…
11-747424 kCanadian Criminal Sentencing/Cases/Drug Trafficking (Schedule I)
11-73734.6 kX86 Assembly/Arithmetic
11-696913 kSocial and Cultural Foundations of American Education/History/18th Century
11-686816 kFoundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/Foundations Table of Co…
112422429 kGRE/About the Test
11-686835 kFOSS Open Content/Emergence of the Open Content Paradigm
11-66667.1 kQuality and Safety in Nursing/Clinical Microsystems
11-2412413.3 kROSE Compiler Framework/Tutorial
11-67677 kGuide to First Year Teaching/Legal stuff you need to know/Ethics and prof…
11-656513 kBiblical Studies/New Testament Commentaries/The Gospel of John/Chapter 9
11-646413 kGame Creation with XNA/Audio Sound/Creation
11-646411 kAdventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Fire Building & Camp Cookery
11-61618.2 kC Programming/time.h
11-59591.7 kClojure Programming/Examples/API Examples/Structure Tools
11-595910 kAdventist Youth Honors Answer Book/ADRA/Literacy
11-60603.4 kPython Programming/Self Help
11-585820 kFoundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/Foundations Table of Co…
11-575713 kSourceAFIS/Tutorial
11-57577.1 kBusiness Analysis Guidebook/Prioritization Techniques
11-565613 kStructural Biochemistry/Transcription
11-55558.9 kFoundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/Foundations Table of Co…
11-535318 kEcology/Parasitism
11-54545.3 kArtificial Intelligence/Search/Iterative Improvement/Hill Climbing
11-52522.7 kTrainz/containers/flowsize container
11-505013 kReligion in Political Theory
11-48486.3 kClojure Programming/Further Reading
11-47476.2 kChinese (Mandarin)/Pinyin Pronunciation
11-464629 kKicad/FAQ
11-47478.3 kAmateur Radio Manual/Ohm's Law and Resistors
11-444414 kX86 Assembly/High-Level Languages
11-4545652Chess Opening Theory/1. d4/1...d5/2. c4/2...c6/3. Nc3/3...dxc4/4.e3/4...b…
11-444411 kHebrew Roots/Holy Days/Day of Atonement/Atonement/Days of Awe Prayers
11-45454.7 kChess Opening Theory/1. b4
11-44441.1 kChess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...c6/2. d4/2...d5/3. exd5/3...cxd5/4. Bd3/4.…
11-45451.3 kChess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...c5/2. Nf3/2...d6/3. d4/3...cxd4/4. Nxd4/4.…
11-434311 kApplied History of Psychology/Personality
11-42421.5 kChess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...e5/2. Nf3/2...Nf6/3. Nxe5/3...Nxe4/4. Qe2
11-42421.8 kChess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...c5/2. Nf3/2...d6/3. d4/3...cxd4/4. Nxd4/4.…
11-43431.1 kChess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...c6/2. d4/2...d5/3. Nc3/3...dxe4/4. Nxe4/4.…
11-434311 kHebrew Roots/Neglected Commandments/Idolatry/Christmas
11-424230799 Elm Problems/Problem 8/Solutions
11-4242398Chess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...c6/2. d4/2...d5/3. Nc3/3...dxe4/4. Nxe4/4.…
11-4141990Chess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...e5/2. Nf3/2...f5/3.Nxe5/3...Qf6/4. Nc4/4..…
11-40403.6 kIntroduction to Programming Languages/Definition and Examples
11-4040731Chess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...e5/2. Bb5
11-40401.3 kChess Opening Theory/1. d4/1...d5/2. c4/2...c6/3. Nc3
11-41411.3 kChess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...e5/2. Nf3/2...Nc6/3. Bc4/3...Nf6/4. Ng5/4.…
11-41414.4 kChess Opening Theory/1. d4/1...Nf6/2. c4/2...e5/3. dxe5/3...Ng4/4. Bf4
11-40401.3 kChess Opening Theory/1. d4/1...Nf6/2. c4/2...e6/3. Nf3/3...b6/4. g3
11-40401.2 kChess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...e5/2. Nf3/2...Nc6/3. Bb5/3...a6/4. Ba4/4..…
11-393910 kC++ Programming/Programming Languages/C++/Code/Statements/Scope/Namespaces
11-3838128 kFukushima Aftermath: Whither the Indian Point Nuke?/The 2011 Japan Earthq…
11-39396.2 kOMS Manual/Chapter 1
11-37374 kField Guide/Mammals/Coyote
11-373716 kBasic Physics of Nuclear Medicine/Fourier Methods
11-373711 kEngineering Acoustics/Sound Propagation in a Cylindrical Duct With Compli…
11-36362 kStatistics/Different Types of Data/Quantitative and Qualitative Data
120368.7 kAda Programming/Platform/Windows/Visual C++ - GNAT interface
11-34342.8 kXForms/Load
11-343417 kLentis/Tasers and Stun Guns
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