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12010 k10 k150 kHistory of wireless telegraphy and broadcasting in Australia/Topical/Biog…
23-35892.8 kQBasic
172.1 k2.4 k22 kHistory of wireless telegraphy and broadcasting in Australia/Editing/Refe…
124 k3.9 k130 kCalculus/Points, paths, surfaces, and volumes
2353592.2 kHistory of China/The Period of Three Country
132.1 k2.1 k12 kIntroducing Julia/Modules and packages
220304.3 kWriting Adolescent Fiction/Setting
2201410 kAdventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Household Arts/Laundering
2201.3 k3.9 kMuggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Books/Philosopher's Stone
220421.6 kAdventist Youth Honors Answer Book
144609847 kC++ Programming/Examples
111.2 k1.2 k16 kC++ Programming/Code/IO/Streams/string
135805802.6 kBengali/Script/Conjuncts 1
144994995.1 kPuzzles/Seven Bridges of Königsberg
142843846.2 kBengali
11348348348English-Hanzi/Pulmonary heart disease
1144744717 kAnnotated Republic of China Regulations/Regulations for Road Traffic Sign…
11679679679Advanced Inorganic Chemistry/Normal Modes of Vibration
12192210192English-Hanzi/Diagnosis of cardiovascular disease typically occurs seven …
11807807807The Poetry of Gaius Valerius Catullus/37
11207207207English-Hanzi/Heart failure
1144044037 kInternational Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Hong Kong
11191191191English-Hanzi/Hypertensive heart disease
1232381.8 kQBasic/Images
11268268268English-Hanzi/Renal artery stenosis
11385385385English-Hanzi/Deaths, at a given age, from CVD are more common
11-24624614 kInternational Postage Meter Stamp Catalog
11350350350English-Hanzi/In the United States 11% of people between 20 and 40 have CVD
11194194194English-Hanzi/Aortic aneurysm
11192192192English-Hanzi/There are many cardiovascular diseases involving the blood …
11186186186English-Hanzi/Cerebrovascular disease
11187187187English-Hanzi/There are many cardiovascular diseases that involve the heart
11177177177English-Hanzi/Peripheral arterial disease
11168168168English-Hanzi/Coronary artery disease
11275275275English-Hanzi/Prevention of CVD involves improving risk factors through
11251251251English-Hanzi/The average age of death from coronary artery disease
11224224224English-Hanzi/Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death
11212212212English-Hanzi/Treating risk factors is beneficial for cardiovascular dise…
1201041.2 kWikibooks Stacks
11203203203English-Hanzi/Treating people who have strep throat with antibiotics can …
11204204204English-Hanzi/Coronary artery disease and stroke account for 80% of CVD d…
11198198198English-Hanzi/CVD resulted in 17.9 million deaths (32.1%) in 2015
12-224.4 kRiver Fishing/Mid-level
120202.9 kHaskell/Understanding monads/Solutions/State
12047.7 kAssociative Composition Algebra/Quaternions
1158581.9 kQBasic/Print version
11-15815833 kChess/Playing The Game
111451453 kPuzzles/Luoshu Squares
11-323212 kMuggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Books/Prisoner of Azkaban/Chapter 3
1130301.8 kHistory of wireless telegraphy and broadcasting in Australia/Topical/Biog…
121461482.1 kA-level Chemistry/OCR/Atoms, Bonds and Groups/Atoms and Reactions/Acids
137116.5 kFootball (Soccer)/The Trophies And Cups
1115155.2 kUS Pop Culture
11-16168.7 kSeven Habits Study Guide/Quick overview of the seven habits
11-171730 kIntroducing Julia/Strings and characters
11-161629 kInteresting social sciences/Functions of the family
1114141.3 k3DTin User's Guide
11116116116English-Hanzi/90% of CVD may be preventable
11-9916 kPostgreSQL/BackupAndRecovery
11889.8 kIntroduction to Philosophy/Philosophy of Religion
11106106106English-Hanzi/Most cardiovascular disease affects older adults
1185857.4 kManchu/Lesson 2 - Nouns
1152523.3 kWikibooks Stacks/Departments
1146468.3 kArimaa/Setup
11-2222 kFaroese/Grammar
114242191Shelf:Military history/ancestry
1141413.8 kSuper NES Programming
1134345.4 kNES Programming
11151545 kHistory of Western Theatre: 17th Century to Now/Spanish Pre-WWII
1110102.4 kBasic Beliefs
1110102.4 kArticles of Faith
118812 kArimaa/Playing The Game
12313115 kX86 Disassembly/Microsoft Windows
11-1155 kIntroduction to Computer Information Systems/Security
11-2217 kC Programming/Procedures and functions
12-15152 kOrganic Chemistry/Alkanes/Propane thru decane
11223 kShelf:C++ programming language
1122321Shelf:Animal husbandry
1111388Shelf:Military history
11241241241Chess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...e5/2. d3
1117817858 kIntroduction to Computer Information Systems/Storage
1124924920 kJLPT Guide/JLPT N4 Grammar
11-13513533 kAnatomy and Physiology of Animals/Reproductive System
11373710 kMyers-Briggs Type Indicator/ENFP
11717121 kMonopoly/House Rules
11331.4 kScrabble/Two Letter Words
11112.1 kChess Opening Theory/1. e4/1...f6
11008 kMIPS Assembly/Instruction Formats
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